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  • Learning Terraform – Part 2: Variables, Expressions and Functions

    This post is a continuation of my series of blog posts on learning Terraform.  In my previous post, I covered the fundamentals of Terraform.  In this post, I want to dive a little deeper and discuss using variables, count, conditional expressions and functions in Terraform.  Let’s get started with variables. Variables Variables allow you to…

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  • Learning Terraform

    I’ve been spending some time lately learning about HashiCorp’s Terraform product and thought I would share my journey so far…  What is Terraform Terraform is an open source Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) orchestration tool for building, changing, managing and versioning infrastructure.  Terraform is vendor agnostic and integrates with several service providers and can be used on-premises as…

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  • How to customize favorites in the Azure portal

    The default Azure favorites menu is good, but what if you want to personalize it with your own preferred Azure resources?  In this blog post I’ll show you how to add or remove an Azure resource from the favorites menu. Let’s start with adding a resource to your favorites menu. Click ‘All Services’ in the…

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